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If you own a Class A property, chances are you’ve already seen this article in The Wall Street Journal warning about the Luxury Apartment bust on the horizon. In fact, I’m guessing I’m not the first person sending it to you.

I will, however, bet that I am the first person telling you that you don’t have to start giving away the farm just yet. Sure, you’ll see an uptick in leasing when you start giving away 3 full months of rent, or 6 months of free parking; but even then, if your competitors are doing the same, there’s no guarantee.

Maybe it’s time to try something new. What if instead you decided to staff your property temporarily with well-trained, proven closers and marketing experts. That’s what we can do for you. For almost 30 years, Sales, Inc. has been sending Leasing Experts to properties across the country to accelerate leasing for owners of all kinds – A, B, C, student, rehab.

Just look at a few of our recent success stories:

  • New Lease-Up in Charlotte, NC
    • Prior to our arrival, the property had a monthly average of 60 pieces of traffic, 19 apps and 14 approvals – and this was during the peak summer leasing months
    • During our 3 month assignment, the property averaged 73 pieces of traffic, 36 apps and 32 approvals (because our Leasing Experts are trained to pre-qualify) – during the slower months of Sept-Oct.
  • On a property in Ohio
    • The owner had 108 vacancies and a new building with an additional 56 units coming online. Prior to our arrival, the property averaged 3 qualified walk-ins and 14 qualified phone calls a week.
    • Our Leasing Expert implemented a strong Marketing Plan and was able to take traffic up to 10 qualified walk-ins and 22 qualified calls per week. In addition, the property went from an average of 20 apps per month to 38 apps per month while Sales, Inc. was on property.


So now you have three options:

  1. Click this link and fill out the contact form to give us some background on the property that concerns you. I’ll call you Monday to discuss whether our program is a fit for your particular challenge.
  2. Call me on Monday (770) 623-4545 to talk with me about the property and our program to solve your leasing challenge.  If you don’t want to wait until Monday, call me today.
  3. Keep doing the same things you’ve been doing and hope leasing improves just because.