Got Questions? We have the answers.

What is accelerated leasing?

Accelerated Leasing is what happens when you hire Sales, Inc. to take over your occupancy struggles on a property. We will literally accelerate the rate at which you secure applications by 2 to 3 times what it was prior to our arrival.

We are able to be so successful because of the following factors:

  • How We Hire
    • While your property management staff typically hires someone local who knows the computer software utilized by the property, we recruit from around the country, seeking out proven sales professionals who can be molded into top closers.
  • How We Train
    • We spend 60-70 hours training our Leasing Experts here in our offices in Atlanta on the art of closing the deal before sending them to their assignments.
    • In addition, our Director of Leasing monitors their activity on a daily basis and we regularly shop our Leasing Experts to ensure they are using the training techniques we have taught them.
  • We rotate Leasing Experts every 45-60 days
    • Even if our engagement on your property lasts longer than 60 days, we rotate our LEs regularly to keep them fresh and motivated on your property
  • We provide them incentives to quickly lease up your property
    • Our Leasing Experts are full-time employees of Sales, Inc. and are provided with multiple incentives to meet the goals set on your property.

Who is a typical client for Sales Inc.?

We don’t have a “typical” client.  We have worked in 48 states for owners of one property to owners of 150+ properties and everything in between. Our past and present assignments include:

  • Class A, B and C properties
  • Properties with 15 or more vacancies
  • New Construction Pre-Leasing and Lease-ups
  • Student Housing Properties
  • Rehabbed Properties
  • Tax credit Properties
  • Soft Market Properties
  • Military Housing Properties
  • Senior Properties
  • Single-Family Corporations

How skilled are Sales Inc. leasing agents?

Our Leasing Experts are the closing talent you have dreamed about having on your property. We specifically recruit talent from across the nation who have a strong sales personality profile and a proven sales track record of successful selling, which is enhanced with our formalized training program.

How long does it take for Sales Inc. to lease properties?

Oftentimes half the time it takes to do it yourself!  Our Leasing Experts typically lease apartments 2 to 3 three times faster than you were experiencing prior to our arrival.

Utilizing your existing marketing and advertising programs already in place, and supplementing it with our outreach marketing efforts, we will work tirelessly to increase traffic to the property, as well as to close on a much higher percentage of that traffic.

One of the aspects of the Leasing Expert position that appeals to our employees is the frequency of travel so we go into every assignment wanting to meet your occupancy need in the shortest amount of time so they can move on to their next property.

How does Sales Inc. bill their clients?

Clients provide a good-faith retainer of $5000 – $1500 toward start-up costs and the balance of which is applied toward the final invoice. Clients are then billed for expenses which include a per diem and rental car, as well as move-ins generated during our engagement.

Will I get to keep my current staff when we hire Sales Inc.?

Yes. As part of our Orientation Call and our “First 48”, we will find out your existing requirements for applicants and maintain those with each and every prospect. Our Leasing Experts will handle the phone calls, walk-in traffic and tours, but will allow your staff to continue to do the qualifying of each and every applicant.

How do I get started with Sales Inc.?

That’s easy! Simply pick up the phone and call us.

Better yet, CLICK HERE to open our Property Profile form. Fill it out completely and send it to and we will shop your property and top 3 competitors and then call you with a full analysis.

But don’t wait another day. Those apartments aren’t going to lease themselves!

When do businesses need Sales Inc. the most?

There are several times smart owners & managers think about using Sales, Inc.

  1. When purchasing or taking over a property. Having a Sales, Inc. Leasing Expert on your property can ensure that leasing doesn’t take a hit while you are getting your new team up and running. In addition, not all properties need a full-time Leasing Agent so why not hire Sales, Inc. to do the initial leasing so you don’t have to let someone go 3 months later?
  2. When deciding to sell a property? Every smart owner knows, the higher your occupancy, the more money you’ll get out of your investment when it’s time to sell. A $50,000 engagement with Sales, Inc. can increase the value of your property by $1M at the time of sale…we’ve seen it happen.
  3. When the numbers don’t make sense. Your team is reporting 15-20 pieces of qualified traffic a week but only closing 4 applications. Our Sales, Inc. Leasing Experts will double or triple those numbers oftentimes within a few days. On a recent engagement in Texas, our LE took 10 apps in the first 3 days. That’s not luck; that’s training and talent combined with our proven and effective closing methods.

How do I become a Leasing Expert?

If you’re interested in becoming a Sales, Inc. Leasing Expert, please visit our Careers page for more details about the position and to send us your resume. We look forward to meeting you!

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