Class B Property Market

Challenges and Considerations on Class B Properties

Class B properties make up the highest number of communities in major metropolitan areas across the country giving you the immediate disadvantage of a high supply market. Not only are you competing against other B properties, but in many markets the lower A and higher C communities are also trying to market to your prospects.

One of the most difficult downfalls to overcome is a Class B property’s location. If your community is located in a struggling area or just simply off the beaten path from the city center and neighborhood hubs, it may be less attractive to potential residents. If your property’s location is not the issue but rather its age or construction, these are also factors that may deter quality applicants because appearances play strongly in a first impression.

Sales, Inc. Solutions for Successful Class B Leasing

Sales, Inc. will help insure you property is one of the winners in the Battle of the Class B properties by securing what we refer to as “more than your fair share.” If there simply aren’t enough residents to fill all of the available apartments in an area, you have to get more than your share. You can’t do that by using the same old methods you and everyone else has used and continues to use.

Our Leasing Experts use techniques that result in a traffic increase and a higher closing rate to get you more than just your share of the available residents.

Sales, Inc. will focus on the property’s positive, selling attributes in advertising, marketing, and meeting with potential leads. Rather than investing in enhancing the property, you can improve your occupancy rates by calling in help from the pros. Our focus on sales and rigorous training are a winning combination to making sure your property reaches maximum occupancy as quickly as possible.

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