Apartment Leasing Training

Apartment Leasing Training

Sales Inc. provides a customized training approach to equip your in-house leasing agents with proven skills and techniques that will raise your occupancy and lower turnover.

Our experience working with Zandie has been pleasant and productive! Our in-person training was engaging, insightful, and a premium human capital investment. Zandie’s passion and expertise in the multifamily industry, sales, training, and talent development shine forth in her customization and delivery of services provided to our leasing team. – New Urban Residential

Sales Inc. has a passion for training. While our leasing experts undergo extensive training, we also provide specialized training for the leasing staff of multifamily property owners. Sales Inc. provides workshops on proven leasing strategies for conventional, tax credit, and student housing communities.

Our leasing expert training team will work with you to assess your training needs and develop an apartment leasing training program to suit. We can also appraise your property’s leasing agents’ quality of service and sales persuasion skills through mystery shopping both before and after training.

Here are a few skills your team will learn in our standard workshop for apartment leasing agents:

  • Strategies that close the deal
  • Role-playing
  • Engaging in leadership and team-building activities
  • Rapport, discovery, and active listening
  • How to promote community strengths and manage deficiencies
  • How to overcome objections

Our Proprietary Training Method

Following our founder’s proprietary training methods, your apartment leasing team will perform with the efficiency of a Sales Inc. Leasing Expert in no time. Our training workshops often involve coaching agents and supervisors on best practices for meeting leasing goals. With our process in place, you will see an accelerated rate of apartment application, higher retention rates for your agents, and overall improvement in your bottom line. We can also teach you how to seek out and hire suitable leasing agents for your apartment management company.

Let Sales Inc. handle the apartment leasing training of your team so that you can focus on other essential aspects of growing your business.

Our Consultants in Action

With a combined 75+ years of experience in multifamily housing leasing, we know the dos and don’ts in the multifamily industry. In our apartment leasing training sessions and workshops, your leasing team will learn these techniques, best practices, and more.

“Some professionals are good, and some are not. Few are truly great. But only one in a million are world-class; Tom Brady, Howard Schultz, Nelson Mandela. There are many world-class people who will never become world-famous. But they should be because if they are given a chance, they change the world. Zandie is one of these game-changers. Her passion and expertise in multifamily sales have challenged and inspired me to be the best I can be. I’m eternally thankful for the gift of knowledge and expertise she has given me.” – Mike Kaeding, CEO Norhart


Below is an example of a successful outcome with Trinity Management.

Sales Inc. provided management training to Trinity, which at the time had an occupancy rate of 84%. We tailored our leasing training to meet their needs of having a team with a stronger sense of direction and more effective tools to get leases signed. In our apartment leasing training workshops, the Trinity team learned how to become 100% focused on leasing, how to shift from to-do lists to results, and learned a number of proven leasing tools and strategies that can eliminate vacancies. After only two training sessions, occupancy rates among Trinity’s communities dramatically increased to 88%. Trinity Management continued its training relationship with Sales Inc. on an annual basis.  Trinity now enjoys a steady 98% occupancy on their properties.


“I am so happy I went to this training. I just took a call and followed the instructions we were given and it felt so good. Even better was that the person I spoke with complimented me and told me I had ‘great customer service skills. He said that I was great and he couldn’t wait until he came into the property. This honestly has been life-changing. I am grateful for the company and everyone who was involved with this training. Kudos to Rick for all the great feedback.”  – Leasing agent student


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