Class A Property Market

Challenges of Leasing in the Class A Property Market

Class A residents can oftentimes demand more of your staff’s time and attention because of their higher expectations for service. Many times even on a new lease-up, this can divide your staff’s attention to the point that marketing and leasing don’t receive the necessary amount of attention needed to meet your leasing goals on time.

A new property has the added challenge of a newly-hired staff focused on learning a new system, new procedures and getting to know residents as they move in. With Sales, Inc. in place to handle the leasing efforts, your staff can fully focus on getting the property up and running smoothly, ensuring satisfied tenants who are more likely to renew when they know the staff is focused on attending to their needs.

While Class A properties comprise the smallest section of communities, more often than not your competition offers the same amenities and luxuries you do, making it imperative that you have the best sales professionals working for you, which is what you get with Sales, Inc.

Sales, Inc. Solutions to Successful Class A Leasing

We start by picking the best leasing consultant on our staff for your property. Because of our ability to recruit nationally, we can send a Leasing Expert to your property from anywhere in the country. Once we arrive, our Leasing Expert and Director of Leasing will quickly get to know your market and competitors so that leasing is ready to begin only 3 days after arrival.

If your Class A property is priced at a premium, you need to ensure you have a professional staff who will fully engage with every qualified prospect, which is one of the fundamental techniques we provide our LEs in training. You can’t always just get them in the door and expect the property to sell itself. With Sales, Inc. you can rest assured that you have someone incentivized to close on as much qualified traffic as possible, ensuring the quickest lease-up of your top-dollar property.

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