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Sales, Inc. is the nation’s leading apartment leasing company for multifamily property owners. For more than 34 years, we have helped companies achieve their occupancy goals fast by sending our apartment Leasing Experts, from our Atlanta, GA headquarters, to properties where they close on qualified applicants at 2 to 3 times the rate that was occurring before we arrived.

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What is Accelerated Leasing?

We deploy our apartment leasing agents to your property where they live full-time and lease 6 days a week using our proprietary closing methods and outreach marketing to secure you more leases in a shorter period of time.

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How Does It Work?

We combine our ability to hire proven sales professionals from around the country and provide them with our proprietary training methods to produce some of the top apartment leasing agents in the industry.

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We are also able to provide our proven Leasing Expert training methods to your staff to improve their closing ratio, either through our workshops or training classes.












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Accelerated Apartment Leasing Experts

You’ll benefit from our 35+ years of experience.

We work hard to close each and every qualified prospect. If you have more than 20 vacancies on one of your communities, experience proves that Sales, Inc. can earn you a phenomenal return on your investment with our proven Accelerated Apartment Leasing Program. Let an apartment leasing expert do the hard work and fill your vacancies for you.

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Landover, MD

60 apps in 28 days

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Phoenix, AZ

Training led to 98% occupancy

Apartment Leasing Agency

Chester, VA

227 applications in 114 days

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Indianapolis, IN

148 apps in 157 days


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