Accelerated Leasing: Maximizing Occupancy Rate

About Us

Sales, Inc. is the nation’s leading accelerated leasing firm, helping multifamily owners & operators achieve their maximum occupancy rate faster.  As the top leasing firm in the U.S., Sales, Inc. has leased thousands of apartments in every market and on every type of property, resulting in increased cash flow and higher property values for our clients.

Why is a Sales, Inc. Leasing Expert more effective than your best leasing agent?

  • SALES, Inc. Leasing Experts possess a pure sales personality profile. We recruit nationally and carefully select people with a proven, successful career track record in sales.
  • Our Leasing Experts’ skills are further enhanced with formalized training. We bring all new recruits to our headquarters in Atlanta, GA to provide 60-70 hours of training with an emphasis on closing as many pieces of qualified traffic as they can.
  • The Leasing Experts have a total focus on leasing while on your property. Unlike property management firms, our LE’s attention is not divided between current resident retention/satisfaction and leasing. Using the skills developed in training, they are able to close at 2 to 3 times the rate of traditional leasing agents.
  • Our Leasing Experts receive day-to-day feedback and goal management. Our Director of Leasing is in communication with all of our Leasing Experts every day to ensure they are following-up well with prospective residents. In addition, she maintains regular communication with clients to ensure their goals are being met and they are satisfied with our progress.

An optimum leasing strategy requires all of the above. When apartment occupancy rates are down, Sales, Inc. can create this optimum leasing dynamic on a short-term basis. In fact, we can emerge as your greatest investment opportunity.

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