Hiring a New Agent
Chances are, if you own a multifamily property, you are in the process of trying to hire at least one leasing agent to work somewhere in your organization. And chances are you are desperate to get somebody (anybody) in there as fast as you can so you can cross it off your list. But if you were to take the time to write down how many people you’ve had to recruit, hire, train and replace in the last year because of turnover, chances are, that number would surprise you.
It’s not always easy to find great multifamily employees, but we bet if you had the ability to take your time and hire the right people, your turnover would be smaller, and your headaches would too.
A Sales, Inc. Leasing Expert on your property is a perfect solution to give yourself time, while ensuring that your leasing pace doesn’t slow down with that void in your staff.
Why should you consider hiring us?
  1. Our contracts are short-term. Use us for 60 days or 90 days….enough time for you to take your time selecting the best candidate for your internal staffing need.
  2. No downtime. Our Leasing Experts hit the ground running. By the third day they have arrived in your city, they are leasing and marketing to get your vacancies filled fast.
  3. We double your leasing pace. The normal pace you had before that hole in your staff.

So why not replace that To-Do list above with this one:

Hiring a New Agent

Take your time to hire the best leasing agent for your property. Won’t that be better for everyone on your staff, including you?