Frustrated businessman in eyeglasses touching his head
If you keep doing the same things you’ve been doing, nothing is going to change.

Regarding that student property at the bottom of your leasing progress report, ask yourself this – how will the leasing pace increase when you’re doing the same things all the other properties are doing? Same marketing, same pricing, same specials, same gimmicks. How will you get more than just “your share” of the available students? Maybe things are going so slowly that you’re not even getting your share of leases.

We have the answer, proven to work over many years and many challenging leasing situations… have to sell to every potential resident better than your competition sells to them.  You need the best sales professionals, trained and positioned to maximize every opportunity.  And that’s what Sales, Inc. Leasing Experts do better than anyone in America.  That is how we double your leasing pace!

Out-SELLING the competition is the solution for those slow to lease-up student properties.  You can’t out-price them.  You can’t out-special them.  You can’t out-gimmick them.  You can’t out-market them.  But you can out-SELL the competitors, with better sales people that close twice as many leases.  Applying our proven accelerated leasing solutions will speed up the leasing pace and get you back on track for this fall.