apartment marketing ideas

If you are in the world of Student Housing, you are competing with more than 50,000 new beds that are hitting the market right now. If you’re like most Student Housing owners/managers, your margin for error has gotten smaller with the addition of those new beds which has created a shift in how your properties are now positioned. With more people vying for a piece of the pie, you need to do everything you can to get students in to see your property AND sign a lease.

You can play the pricing game or give away $2500 gift cards.  But when you do that, all you will really be doing is the same thing someone else is doing.  The real opportunity you have is to “outsell” the competition.  That is what Sales, Inc. Leasing Experts do – we outsell the competition using the industry leading talent, techniques and tenacity.  And with those Leasing Experts deployed on your property, we deliver more than you share of that ever shrinking number of available students.  We’re doing it across the country right now.  Get in touch with us so we can further explain how our system works, why it works and investigate whether it will work on your hard to lease property.