Every day you think there’s a better option than calling Sales, Inc. on your struggling property, is a day you’ve missed a significant increase in leases.
On a student property we arrived at less than 30 days ago in Tucson, our Leasing Expert has literally doubled the number of apps. He’s taken 2.4 apps per day, compared to the 1.2 per day they were taking prior to our arrival. The owner of this property has 7 student housing properties and 6 of them were doing fine, but the 7th was struggling. That’s no longer the case – yesterday alone our LE closed on 8 applications (1 LE + 1 day = 8 applications). This owner wishes they had called us sooner.

On a student property in Nevada that was averaging 13 leases a week prior to our arrival, our ONE Sales, Inc. Leasing Expert almost tripled that number by securing an average of 31 leases a week.

Time is running out. Our training works; our program works; our people work. And we can put them to work for you.

Summer is here and students may be gone, but that’s no reason to let your property go into the fall with only 90%, 80%, or even 70% occupancy. Call us today to discuss how our leasing and marketing expertise can get you more than your fair share of the student housing population before the fall move in.