So, here’s an email I got last week…..

[The Property] had a great week last week ending with 23 Net leases and we captured another 8 net leases this weekend.  February renewals ended with 70% renewed and March renewals are still coming in currently at 54%.  We ended February with 84% occupancy and the team is still going strong to get instant move-ins.  Although the forecast has been rain, sleet and snow, the Sales, Inc. team came out strong with our snow day specials advertised on Craigslist.  We had 3 instant applications within 30 minutes of the ad going out.  Great job team!  They continue to come up with themes to get us through the bad weather.  One of the three applicants won a $50 gift card for applying within the hour of the advertisement…

The letter then went on to show each member of the Leasing Team by name and how many leases they had been responsible for in February.  The two Sales, Inc. Leasing Experts accounted for 40 of the 69 leases while the FIVE other agents accounted for 29.  While these results are typical, what’s not so typical is for me to receive a letter that so clearly illustrates our impact so soon after it has occurred.

What this instance demonstrates so clearly is something I’ve said for years now – it’s not just about marketing to get the people to call or come to the property.  You must have the right closers in place to insure your marketing dollars aren’t spent in vain.  That’s what the client above has found out.  Sales, Inc. is in the business of finding the right sales pros and turning them into multifamily closers.

Call me to see what we can do for you on those properties that continue to worry you because they continue to cost you.  The numbers above represent a closing rate above 80%.  What are those 25-30% closers costing you? What we do has worked for 26 years.  We’d love to have it work for you.