downtownerCan you relate to what this client told us:

 “By the end of June we had spent nearly $80,000 in advertising costs. Incentives? You name it, we did it. I started thinking about how critical every lease was to this community and because of its location, we really needed consultants that could sell over the telephone, bring the prospects in, and close the sale.

After several days of research, interviews, and reference checks, I called on Sales, Inc! who had an agent they could send out right away. Since this agent came on board, she and the team (minus the leasing consultants) managed to lease 52 apartments in 3 weeks. That was about the number of units the previous team had leased in the previous 4 months. How sad that in hindsight, I didn’t think of this solution earlier.”

Like the client above, have you tried everything out there to get your numbers up? If you’re like most owners, you spent between $170-$190 PER UNIT marketing your multifamily property last year to drive up awareness and traffic. On a 500-unit property, that $90,000 investment will largely be wasted if the typical 30% closing rate takes place. Before you continue down the rabbit hole trying to lure more traffic to your door, consider whether your vacancy problem could be solved with one of our Leasing Experts closing at 59%, our average last year. Would doubling your closing rate solve your vacancy problems? We think it would.
If your team is giving you the same excuses month after month, isn’t it time for you to make a meaningful change – a change you will be able to quantitatively measure in terms of dollars and cents. A Sales, Inc! Leasing Expert on your property is THE change you need to make now to stop the bleeding. What are you waiting for?