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New lease ups are a largely different challenge than leasing pre-existing apartment complexes. Sales Inc. can help.

If you are looking for a Lease Up Company in Charlotte then call Sales Inc, today.  Our team of apartment leasing experts are prepared to oversee the marketing efforts for your property so you can focus on meeting your target deadline. 

New apartment lease ups require all hands on deck and rigorous leasing and marketing efforts to get your property from construction to fully leased. You’ve finally finished the construction stage of your property, and the next priority on your agenda is to quickly lease up your property. The faster you get out of your construction and short-term financing and get into permanent financing, the more money you’ll save. If you could completely lease up your property in half the time, wouldn’t you want to do it? You can with Sales, Inc. We work to promptly fill your lease ups to save you money and get you into permanent financing as quickly as possible. Rather than rushing to hire and train a new staff, have Sales, Inc. comes in to manage the initial leasing efforts. Our Lease Up Experts are skilled and focused on leasing your property. Through thorough analysis of your community and competitors, our experts are ready to lease up your property and begin targeted marketing efforts.

The initial push to fill your property can be stressful. With Sales, Inc., you don’t have to worry about lease ups and pushing your property to your community. That’s our job as an apartment building lease up service. Our Marketing Team is prepared to oversee the marketing efforts for your property so you can focus on meeting your target deadline. Freeing up this time for you also means that you have more time to hire your staff and train them correctly, rather than accepting the first available applicant to fill the space due to time constraints. Since our Sales, Inc. Lease-Up Experts will be on the property, you’ll also be able to test your applicants against our Experts to make sure you’re getting the results you want and need.

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