This is what we typically hear when we call to shop your property before our Sales, Inc. Leasing Expert arrives:


Even though we hear it over and over again, it still shocks me how incapable virtually every property is at maximizing their opportunities with what should be their second most important entity – their prospects.

If every one of your properties has maxed out occupancy, this may not matter that much. But if you have properties that aren’t full, this should be one of those moments where you really tune in. For all of the effort, time and money that you put into the development, marketing and operations of a property so that it can be fully leased up, why are you not putting professional sales people in your property to insure that every prospect is attended to and sold to in a manner that maximizes the chances that they lease one of your apartments?

For 28 years we’ve been accelerating the leasing at new lease ups and properties that have hit an occupancy challenge. We lease fast and we lease the hard properties.  Nothing costs you more than vacant apartments.