Apartment Marketing Consulting

Apartment Marketing Consulting Works Hand in Hand

with Apartment Leasing to Ensure Success

Apartment marketing consulting is an essential part of our accelerated leasing strategy. Once we have entered into a contract with you, and many times during our initial discovery process, one of our apartment marketing consultants will provide you with a thorough, objective analysis of your current marketing efforts, along with our recommendations for improvement. Gone are the days of the Apartment Guidebook being the primary source of marketing and advertising efforts. With the dominance of technology as the primary means of apartment searching, you need to be confident that your property is solidly positioned in the best channels for your potential tenants. Apartment marketing consulting is extremely vital to the on-going leasing success of your property. Under the leadership of our Director of Marketing, our staff will provide you with a full report of findings and recommendations within one week of start-up. This can include any (or all) of the following:

  • Online validation of your presence (and accuracy of information) across major rental sites.
  • Assessing an inventory of marketing materials you may already have, as well as the ability to design additional materials to be used by our Leasing Experts in their daily outreach marketing.
  • An analysis of social media outlets including which ones you should be utilizing on your property, and a recommendation of which staff members should manage those efforts.
  • Research of your competitor’s marketing efforts

With this information identified, you are equipped to move forward in your marketing efforts and succeed with flying colors. Apartment marketing consulting is imperative to grow your revenue and continually lease your property. Through SALES Inc.’s detailed analysis of your current marketing tactics and the current environment surrounding your property, they are able to create a strategic plan to help you move forward.