How Do We Do It?

We are successful because of our diligence in following our proven process, which starts with:

  • employing only highly successful sales professionals.

Once the Leasing Expert is selected, we:

  • provide them with extensive proprietary training (still delivered by our founder, Stacy Crook).

Once assigned to a property:

  • our Leasing Experts have a 100% focus on leasing; nothing else is allowed to interfere.

After a two day property and area acclimation period, the Leasing Expert begins leasing apartments and:

  • receives daily audits, feedback, direction and support from our Director of Leasing. Much of this feedback comes from our frequent mystery shops of the Leasing Expert.


  • Goals are monitored closely by all parties as results are frequently reported to the property owner.

The results are higher traffic, higher closing ratios and higher occupancy, fast.

To achieve maximum leasing results, our processes, including the 5 steps listed above, have to be in place all the time, every day. But, these kinds of processes are virtually impossible for property owners to maintain continuously while dealing with all of the requirements of managing AND leasing their properties. Fortunately, when occupancy and leasing velocity are down, Sales, Inc. can accelerate leasing because that is all we do.